Getting Positive Results in Difficult Meetings With Co-Workers

Would you like to know how to influence difficult interactions at work so that you get better results? This is an opportunity to leverage resilience skills that help you to guide a challenging conversation towards a positive outcome. Here are three key steps in setting up a challenging conversation for success!

Approach Your Colleague with a Win-Win Attitude

Before approaching a co-worker, consider their point of view and frame the conversation as one that will result in positive outcome for both of you. No one wants to be on the losing end of a discussion. See the discussion as an opportunity to come up with good solution that benefits everyone. By looking deeper at the needs of your co-worker, as well as your own needs, you are more likely to avoid escalating the conversation. Frame everything as a Win-Win and see how much more co-operation you can create!

Bring Solutions Not Problems

It is easy to see problems in your work environment, and in fact that is step one of problem-solving. However, a resilient team member will brainstorm possible solutions in advance of a challenging discussion. This may also lay the groundwork for a joint brainstorming activity which allows everyone to contribute ideas and possible solutions. Take some time, encourage discussion, and guide the focus of the conversation to the Solution not the Problem.

Be Professional and Assertive

When facing a challenging conversation it is important remain calm and professional. Don’t take things personally and remember to keep the focus on the Win-Win Approach. This is also a great time to be confident and assertive, in a non-threatening way. Don’t shy away if your colleague pushes back against your ideas. Be assertive and match their strength when you are presenting ideas. But remember, this is not about winning, but about finding a solution that benefits everyone.

Take Action

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