Resilience For Military Civilians™ is a pragmatic training program that brings military civilian participants into closer recognition of their many stressors. Individually and together, classmates determine their arsenal of skills and insights for dealing with these stressors. These strengthened competencies further attendees’ ability to succeed even in these challenging times. This seminar utilizes a seven phase model of resilience which builds understanding and implementation of coping factors taking them from overwhelm into greater capability. When military civilians elevate their resilience, they can better adjust to change with a more positive attitude, influence others to greater cooperation, and contribute to a thriving military civilian culture.

What are the Benefits of this Resilience Training Workshop?

  • Increased identification of specific workplace stress points
  • Improved willingness to tackle problems
  • Increased optimism in the face of adversity
  • Improved qualification to work with varied behavior styles
  • Comprehension of effective problem-solving strategies
  • Elevated EQ-Total Life Intelligence™
  • Advanced tactics for forwarding change
  • Expanded understanding of co-worker’s obstacles
  • Mastery of S.M.A.R.T. goal setting to implement new skills

Who Should Attend this Resilience Training Course?

  • Senior Management
  • Middle Management
  • All Line Staff

What Materials Are Included in this Resilience Training Seminar?
Every participant receives a copy of the Resilience For Military Civilians™ workshop manual containing background material, work-sheets, examples and exercises for future reference.

Boosting Resilience Skills in US Army Civilian Staff

Via interactive one and two day training sessions, we have worked with US Army personnel to explore how resiliency can be developed via mental, emotional and physical strategies. Partnerships with base staff, medical personnel and caregiver teams are underway to ensure that resilience skills become part of the ongoing support for US Army staff.

Contact Us to Explore Options For Your Area
We are interested in developing additional partnerships to aid in the delivery of Resilience Training to civilian personnel in the US Army. Please contact us directly to discuss how we can work with your training team to provide Resilience At Work™ and other key resilience programs.