What is Onsite Resilience Training?
We provide onsite resilience training courses at your office or workplace to improve employee engagement, resiliency skills, and teamwork. All of our experiential learning solutions are interactive and tailored to your workforce. In addition, many of our training programs include a transformative learning approach which helps participants shift perspective and develop more open mindsets to challenges. This type of training is both dynamic and unique – with lasting impact on performance. Through these transformative, onsite resilience training courses, we help professionals grow staff morale and effectiveness, energize the workplace, and refocus on company priorities.

How Long Are the Onsite Resilience Training Courses?
The resilience training courses vary in length but most are planned for one or two days of interactive training. We have numerous modules in each course and can vary the length of the resilience training session to work within your allotted time frame. A typical resilience training session day runs from 8:30 to 4:30 and is filled with a blend of learning methodologies including instruction, group discussion, partner exercises, reflection and small group activities.

Which Onsite Resilience Training Seminar is Right for Us?
We deliver a range of onsite resilience training courses. You can select from the menu of resilience training options to ensure the best fit with the learning needs of your staff group. Our most popular options include Growing Resilience At Work™, Resilience & Stress Management™, Resilience For Military Civilians™, Resilience & Emotional Intelligence™ and Resilience With Difficult People™.

For an overview of our resilience training solutions please click on the links below to visit the description of each onsite resilience training course. You can also download an e-brochure about specific Resilience Training Programs that we deliver which include:

What Steps are Involved in Organizing an Onsite Resilience Training course?
We make it easy for you to grow your employees’ resilience by doing lots of the background work for you. Our expert instructors have studied resilience, training, coaching and human transformation – plus they are skilled facilitators. Here are the usual steps that occur when you want to organize an onsite resilience training program:

  1. Talk to a consultant at Resilience Training Institute about the best courses.
  2. Request a free price quotation for delivery of your preferred Resilience Training Course.
  3. Select dates & arrange for a meeting room for the training session.
  4. Invite staff from your company to participate.
  5. Sit back and watch the resilience grow!