What is Executive Coaching?
Executive Coaching is a one-on-one blend of consultation, training and feedback that helps managers and senior personnel focus their leadership skills and grow organizational resilience. The Resilience Training Institute offers management coaching programs to grow your organization. Resilience coaching helps senior staff align their values with those of the entire organization. In our twenty years of experience we’ve found that when you strengthen professional’s inner traits in addition to developing their outer skills, the entire organization benefits. Your best employees stay and thrive, your company goals are met, and inspiration replaces complacency.

We work with employees from the inside out. We use compelling experiential coaching to transform formal and informal leaders throughout the organization. We do this by expanding peoples’ inner awareness, leadership traits and commitment to success to fuel outer professional leadership skills.

How Does Executive Coaching Enhance Resilience?

  • Would you like to grow the potential of your current workplace team?
  • Find ways to engage them in your organization’s overall mission?
  • Provide leadership training to middle & upper management?

What Problems Can Executive Coaching Address?
A focused approach to leadership development involves individualized resilience coaching. Coaching sessions can occur one time or can be set up for several sessions. A coaching session assists executive team members to identify critical areas for growth. The coaching relationship helps to shine a light on current leadership strengths, gaps that need development, and resources to help bring about desired outcomes.

Is your organization struggling with any of the following challenges:

  • Low morale?
  • Overwhelmed employees?
  • Loss of top performers?
  • Ineffective leadership?
  • Unmet performance goals?

Resilience coaching is also an excellent way to maximize your investment in our resilience training programs. Contact us to discuss our one-on-one resilience coaching program for executives.

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