“Resilience At Work™ should be a mandatory training for all employees. The course demonstrates how our different personalities work together and shows how we can work more cohesively in the workplace. The program showed me how to recognize my strengths and weaknesses and how to be open to others in my team who operate with different styles. It helped me to be open to transforming relationships, and attitudes and to be more positive to situations in my organization”.

“I look forward to applying my new skills on the job. I am coming away from this training with greater self-awareness, greater capacity for handling stress, and greater ability to problem-solve with my team. I feel that the instructor had great command of the materials and gave lots of real life examples that will help me contribute more strongly in my organization and professional life”.
N. A. Anthem

“This training session gave me new insights and skills on how to deal with stress and frequent change at work. I learned so many new ways to find support that will help me and my team members get better outcomes even when there are a lot of changes afoot in the office. Three new skills that I am taking away include cultivating optimism, searching for resources, and shifting my perspective. I highly recommend this course and feel that there were so many benefits to me personally and professionally that I cannot count them all”.
Patricia, Boston MA

“The resilience training helped me to recognize the balance between work and personal goals, traits, and how they can influence each other. It has helped me to focus and see how I want to be more balanced in both. Positive thoughts yield positive results. Being a goal focused individual, this resilience training workshop has helped me to revisit both which will ultimately increase my work performance as well”.
S. Lacy, Naval Submarine Base, Groton, CT

“The resilience training course was very good especially the ability to work, think and share with co-workers – not being separated by a floor – we can share perspectives, ideas and energy”.
D. Drucker, Fleet & Family Support Center, US Navy

“Reflection on self is never easy nor do most people have time to focus on how to nurture themselves spiritually, emotionally, professionally and physically. This resilience training course helped me to do all. Thank you so much”.
Past participant, Groton, CT

“ This resilience training seminar was an eye-opening experience”.
T. Hoskins, Fleet & Family Support Center

“Very effective, very powerful presentation. Excellent impact to employees especially on handling differences. This resilience training program brought all employees together to get connected and closer as a team”.
L. Robitaille, FFSC, Groton, CT

““Great training! A hands on, very engaging training by an exciting, positive and skilled trainer! Thanks for a very rewarding day.”
C. LeMiuex, Fleet & Family Support, NSB, New London