Resilience and Stress Management™ is an interactive resilience training program that brings participants in closer recognition of their many stressors. Work stress is often cumulative and team members grow used to the level of stress in their work environment. But constant tolerance of pressure and tension degrades morale, lowers productivity, and reduces profitability and sustainability. Using seven key topic areas, this dynamic resilience training course creates greater awareness of draining factors and offers skills and insights for building mental, emotional, physical, social and energetic areas of life.

What are the Benefits of this Resilience Training Course?

  • Greater ability to recognize work stressors
  • Enhanced capacity to handle difficult situations
  • Increased integrity and professionalism
  • Improved faculty to work with diverse personalities
  • Better understanding of prioritizing important projects
  • Elevate emotional intelligence
  • Thrive in the face of change
  • Improved understanding of co-worker’s challenges
  • Development of S.M.A.R.T. goals to further the material

Who Should Attend this Resilience Training Course?

  • Senior Management
  • Middle Managers, Supervisors and Team Leads
  • All Team Members

What Materials Are Included in this Resilience Training Seminar?
Every participant receives a copy of the Resilience and Stress Management ™ workshop manual containing background material, worksheets, examples and exercises for future reference.

One Day Options
This resilience training workshop may be offered in a one day format with follow up coaching. Contact us for more information or to discuss your organization’s unique needs.

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