Need to implement a wide scale Resilience Training program in your organization? Want to shift focus within your company from problem to solution? Want to energize your workforce using your own internal trainers? Develop the training skills in your own learning professionals through our unique Train-The-Trainer Resilience Program. Having tried and tested the dynamic Resilience At Work™ training program with clients around the globe, we now provide a Train-The-Trainer Program for learning and development professionals’ use in their own organization.

What is the Resilience Train-The-Trainer Course?
The Train-The-Trainer Program evolved based on client demand following the introduction of our successful Resilience At Work™ training seminar. If you or your training colleagues are considering using a Train-The-Trainer model for building resilience skills in your organization, you can learn more about the logistics and process below. Typically, client organizations invite us to deliver a Resilience training seminar to a group of staff, offering a chance for training personnel to participate or observe. Next, if you decide to move forward with the Train-The-Trainer Program we schedule two days of instruction with our Master Trainer at your site. At this time you will receive Instructor Materials, Slides, Facilitator Guidebook and related materials to prepare you to become the Trainer. Please read the common questions that come up and their responses below to learn more about the logistics of our Resilience Train-The-Trainer Program.

How Long is the Resilience Train-The-Trainer Program?
The Resilience Train the Trainer Program is two days in length. It typically follows participation in a group Train-The-Trainer Seminar delivered by one of our expert facilitators at your organization.

What Happens Before starting the Resilience Train-The-Trainer Program?
Here are the usual steps that occur before the program:

  1. Talk to one of the Consultants at Resilience Training Institute about the program.
  2. Understand how Resilience Train-The-Trainer can work for your organization.
  3. Set dates & commit to the Resilience Train-The-Trainer Program.

Can Multiple Trainers Participate in the Resilience Train-The-Trainer Program?
Yes, multiple trainers can participate in the Train-The-Trainer Program up to a maximum of four trainers per learning pod. Our master facilitator will provide instruction, demonstration, and feedback to each participant in the Pod. Additional pods can be organized for larger groups of training personnel.

What do you receive as part of Resilience Train-The-Trainer Program?
Each participant receives the following:

  • one set of Resilience At Work™ slides
  • one Resilience At Work™ Facilitator Manual
  • one Resilience At Work™ Participant Manual
  • one license to deliver the resilience training program for a one year period
  • the right to purchase license for delivery the following year
  • the right to purchase additional Resilience Participant Manuals

Why is Resilience Train-The-Trainer Right for Your Organization?
If your staff are struggling to stay optimistic in view of recent changes, our program may be right for you. If your organization is experiencing lows of energy or enthusiasm, our program may be right for you. In short, the Resilience Train-The-Trainer Program helps organizations build corporate agility. It strengthens personal, professional and organizational capacity to adapt to changing times and thrive. While we provide a standard agenda in the Train-The-Trainer Program, your trainers can tailor the delivery to meet learning needs in your organization for greater employee engagement, greater teamwork, improved stress management, and greater adaptability to change. To learn more about how the Resilience Train-The-Trainer program can work for your organization please contact the Resilience Training Institute at 1-800-501-1245.

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