Resilience With Difficult People™ is a training workshop filled with insights and practical skills for use when working with people you find to be challenging. Calling on sound hard and soft scientific methods culled from psychology, neuroscience, mediation, and relationship coaching, this program delivers many practical ways to not only rise above the challenges of working with difficult people but to actually grow from them. Participants actively engage in exercises carefully designed to instill capabilities that when practiced over the ensuing weeks, insures higher initial resilience and the ability to bounce back from tough interactions with positive gains.

What are the Benefits of this Resilience Training Workshop?

  • Heightened awareness of one’s trigger points
  • Deepened Emotional Intelligence-Total Life Intelligence™
  • Strengthened willingness to engage with difficult people
  • Ability to inspire challenging people to collaboration
  • Improved effectiveness with diverse personality styles
  • Conflict Resolution skills and insights
  • Furthered strategies for positive change
  • Expanded empathy for co-worker’s challenges
  • S.M.A.R.T. goal setting formula to master new skills

Who Should Attend this Resilience Training Seminar?

  • Senior Management
  • Middle Management & Supervisors
  • All Team Members

What Materials Are Included in this Resilience Training Seminar?
Every attendee works with a copy of the Resilience With Difficult People™ workbook complete with background material, work-sheets, examples and exercises for immediate implementation.

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