This branch of the U.S. military was besieged with requests for resilience training similar to that offered to active service members. The Pentagon’s budget is constantly under scrutiny causing a great uncertainty about funding for employee’s jobs. This stress understandably lowers overall morale and productivity and professional resilience.

Upon hearing proof stories of the successful delivery of resilience training workshops by the Resilience Training Industry (RTI) to other branches of the military and NASA, this branch contracted for several resilience training seminars at The Pentagon and a major base in the Northern, VA area. The resilience training program was tailored for civilians and delivered in modes suitable for those who work within a military structure.

Enrollment in the voluntary resilience training workshop was significant. Participants appreciated the clarity of delivery and the direct applicability of the resiliency material. Many civilian participants were retired military and they were amongst the most enthusiastic. Other sectors of this military branch were so impressed with the positive responses to the resilience training seminar that they funneled training funds for more resilience training courses and other training seminars for the current fiscal year. These training seminars are projected to be delivered globally.