The client, leader in the finance industry, has many hundreds of employees who work in a highly regulated and intense industry. Burnout from stress is common. Turnover is costly. And delivering resilience training seminars to every employee via an outside training company is prohibitively expensive for them.

This organization had a number of exceptional Human Resource professionals with training capabilities. To greatly reduce their training dollars, they decided that with expert training in delivering Resilience At Work™ from the Resilience Training Institute, these three professionals could then roll out the full day resilience training program to all employees over time.

The two day Train-The-Trainer Resilience Training Program was a huge success. The three HR participants were eager to undertake the project and keen to deepen their understanding of the resilience training workshop. They loved learning about the resilience training course which is based in the sciences of psychology, neuroscience and medicine. Over the many months since the Train-The-Trainer resilience program, these three professionals completed the Resilience At Work™ training rollout to almost all employees. As a result, the resilience of the entire
workforce increased.