The client, a global leader in the pharmaceuticals industry, operates in a very dynamic market, always needing to adjust to regulatory environments and fierce competition. They came to the Resilience Training Institute for support in strengthening their employees’ ability to bounce back from the constant demands placed on them.

As with almost 100% of their employees, no one had ever participated in a resilience training program, and they were curious about the skills and knowledge offered by our resilience training experts. Using the structure of S.U.P.P.O.R.T. (Stress Hardiness, Understanding Self and Others, Purpose & Meaning, Perseverance, Optimism, Resourcefulness, and Teamwork), the attendees engaged in experiential learning about stress reduction and durability in ways that were transformative and educational.

Over a series of resilience training seminars, from top management to R & D to Sales, the employees left with many new skills and insights for hands-on application during challenging times. With continual use of the resilience training workshop materials, the participants found that instead of approaching change as an obstacle, they looked forward to the opportunity to lend their well-earned professionalism to each project. After the resilience training course, participants expressed optimism as they more deeply know that their efforts can come from a place of “Can Do” instead of intimidation. As a result participant surveys showed increased morale and productivity.