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New Book Release

Congratulations are in order! We recently published a new book entitled Resilience: Thriving in Challenging Times written by co-founder Jim Hornickel. Our Resilience Training programs have long been a big draw for mid-sized companies, global firms and not-for-profits. Participants can now add additional richness to their exploration of resilience by purchasing this book which is filled with stories, summaries and self-reflective questions. Learn more by clicking on our RESOURCES PAGE.

Grow Resilience through Self- Reflection

As we move from one year to the next, it’s a wonderful time to build in time for self-reflection in your personal and professional life. By taking stock of your successes and challenges, you can set new goals for your continued growth. While many of us are familiar with reflecting on performance in our professional life, it can also be helpful to reflect on our personal life. How are you showing up in your relationships with friends and colleagues? Would more kindness help you feel better about your journey through life? What habits would help you to be more resilient in the face of change? These are all questions that can help you as you travel along the road of life.
Take some time to slow down as we enter the new year to consider where you want to go in your life. Is your life filled with meaningful activities and relationships? What would you like to change about yourself on on an inner level or an outer level? As you take stock it can be helpful to write down some goals for the coming months, or share your thoughts with a trusted friend. Self-reflection is a powerful tool that helps you to chart your own journey through life, and grow your resiliency skills too.

Benefits of the Resilience Train-The-Trainer Approach For Your Organization

Have you noticed that the general mood of your workforce is lower than usual? Do you get the sense that morale is dropping as you move further into the year? What would happen if you could take steps to boost your team’s productivity by 50% or more? Resilience Training Sessions are a great way to help your employees re-connect with all that is right and positive in their world on a personal, professional and organizational level. These sessions help participants renew their optimism, shift their perspective and start habits that build positivity, creativity and beneficial results. But what if you have a large organization and can’t afford dozens of resilience training sessions? You might be the perfect candidate to consider our unique Resilience Train-The-Trainer Certification Program. With this approach, you can select one, two or more In-House Trainers to receive certification in the Resilience At Work Training Program. This typically involves a two day time commitment at your site, where your Trainers learn how to lead a One Day Resilience Training Session. They get the Instructor Manual, Participant Workbook, Session Slides and follow up support to lead effective training sessions for your company employees. This is a cost-effective way to get all your staff up and running and more resilient at work. Ask us for details about how this Train-The-Trainer Program would work for your group.