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Resilience Training Courses & Seminars

Welcome to the Resilience Training Institute where we work with you and your organization to strengthen resilience skills through a wide offering of resilience training solutions. Why grow resilience? Employees with high levels of personal and professional resiliency foster higher morale, productivity and profit. In other words, resilient employees, also known as engaged employees, create organizations that thrive – resulting in greater corporate success.

Take some time to explore the many resilience training solutions we deliver to help grow your staff’s personal & professional resilience while adding to your organization’s overall excellence. If you prefer to call and speak with one of our expert facilitators, we will conduct a needs assessment and suggest a training solution that’s right for your organization. Whether you’re considering a resilience training course, a Train-The-Trainer program, or even a resilience keynote we will assist you in making the right selection.

Onsite Resilience Training Programs & Seminars

Through our transformative resilience training solutions, we help professionals grow staff morale and effectiveness, energize the workplace, and refocus on company priorities. We provide onsite resilience training programs to improve employee engagement, resiliency skills, and teamwork. All of our experiential learning solutions are interactive and tailored to your workforce. In addition, many of our training programs include a transformative learning approach which helps participants shift perspective and develop more open mindsets to past challenges. This type of training is both dynamic and unique – with lasting impact on performance. As a demonstration of our commitment to growing your performance, we keep our overheads low to provide transformational training at a cost you can afford. For an overview of our resilience training solutions please click on the Training Tab to learn about our resilience training programs and seminars. Or for information on specific Resilience Training Programs please click on the following links: Resilience At Work™, Thriving In Times of Change™, Developing Emotional Intelligence, Coaching Skills For Managers™, and Building Team Success™, and Anticipating, Preventing & Dissolving Conflict™.

Where Do We Provide Resilience Training Seminars?

Typically we work with organizations who want to help their staff cope with change, develop adaptive responses and manage challenges with resourcefulness. Our team of expert facilitators loves to travel so we will come to your site and deliver our dynamic resilience training solutions at your offices around the globe. When it comes to types of client organizations, we have worked with Fortune 500 Firms, National Associations, Mid-Sized Companies, Small Companies, Not For Profits, and Government Agencies. For example, we have worked closely with the US Army to provide Resilience Training to their civilian personnel in recent years. Geographically, we have delivered training in North America, Europe, South America, Asia and the Middle East. In North America we deliver training in all major cities including: Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Hartford, New York, Philadelphia, Raleigh, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Toronto, Washington and more. If you do not see your city here just contact us and ask about onsite resilience training solutions where you live and work.

Resilience Coaching

The Resilience Training Institute offers individual resiliency coaching programs to grow your organization’s greatest assets – your people. When staff are at low ebb, burnt out, or feeling imbalanced they can’t perform at the top of their game. Resilience coaching helps professional staff regain balance, assess strengths, and align their values with those of the entire organization. A Resilience Coaching Program can be effective for individuals, management teams and even project leads who need to strengthen key areas of performance. By working to grow professional resilience traits and skills via coaching, the entire organization benefits. Resilience coaching can be made available in an on-demand program for large groups of staff going through massive program or geographic change or as part of an overall team building approach. We have international coaches who can assist in providing global resilience coaching for your organization. Contact us to find out more about the resilience coaching we have provided to Fortune 500 firms, mid-sized companies, and non-profit groups in the past. Also consider how Resilience Training Coaching may be the perfect complement to delivery of other resilience training solutions such as the Resilience At Work™ seminar or Train the Trainer Program.

One Full Day 1-On-1 Resilience Training Intensives

Sometimes just one individual needs a boost of resilience. Whether they are a Senior Manager or Individual Contributor, we customize a one day resilience training/coaching intensive to meet specific needs regarding employee engagement. Our popular Resilience Training Intensive blends just the right amount of instruction, coaching and reflective discussion to help participants arrive at new insights about themselves, their role, and their organization. These insights impact their key relationships at work, their optimism and their adaptability in the corporate environment. If you’re noticing more conflicts in your workplace relationships, difficulty keeping your balance, or challenges being optimistic at work then you may need to boost your personal or professional resilience through Resilience Intensive or Resilience Coaching Sessions. We are passionate about growing employee engagement & resiliency skills in professional teams and organizations through our resilience training solutions such as the One on One Resilience Intensive. Contact us to explore how this option could work for your organization in tandem with a Resilience At Work™ training seminar or ongoing Resilience Coaching.

Resilience Keynote Speaker Events

We provide keynote addresses and can customize a leadership or resilience keynote especially for your organization. Do you need a keynote speaker to breathe inspiration into a meeting? Do you need a larger focus for an employee engagement event? Or, are you looking for an outside keynote to remind employees of their reason for being at work? Our team at Resilience Training Institute has a host of motivational resilience keynote speeches that are suitable for one hour time slots to half day events. We offer several resilience keynote speeches to energize staff, inspire teams, and renew organizations. We can also customize a resilience keynote or employee engagement event especially for your organization. Modules from our Resilience At Work™ training program can also be delivered in an interactive keynote session where you want employees to walk away with actual skills to bring back to the office. Whether you need help with employee engagement, support to motivate a project team, or assistance growing commitment to organizational goals, our resilience training programs can help!

Resilience Train-The-Trainer Program

Need to implement a wide scale Resilience Training program in your organization? Want to shift focus within your company from problem to solution? Looking to energize your workforce using your own internal trainers? Develop the training skills in your own learning professionals through our unique Train-The-Trainer Resilience Program. Having tried and tested the dynamic Resilience At Work™ training program with clients around the globe, we now provide a Train-The-Trainer Program for learning and development professionals’ use in their own organization. Typically, client organizations invite us to deliver a Resilience At Work™ training seminar to a group of staff, offering a chance for your training personnel to participate or observe. Next if you decide to move forward with the Resilience Train-The-Trainer Program you’ll get two days of expert instruction with our Master Trainer on how to deliver the program at your site. In addition to Slides, Facilitator Guidebook and Participant Manual you’ll be licensed to provide this Resilience Training to staff at your organization. Follow up coaching is also included to prepare you to become the Trainer. Click HERE to find out more about this unique Resilience Train-The-Trainer Program for your company.

Looking For Other Types of Training?

If you need to build performance in areas other than resilience skills or employee engagement, check out these other training program websites:

Contact us for Corporate Resilience Training Solutions

Contact Resilience Training Institute for a corporate training course, seminar, or program to build professional resilience skills, handle change, cope with stress, and build team work.
We provide training solutions to improve your corporate resilience through an onsite resilience training program, resilience training course, or a corporate resilience workshop in Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Hartford, Philadelphia, Raleigh, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Toronto, New York, Washington or anywhere in North America and around the globe. Call us at 1-800-501-1245 to discuss our resilience training solutions.

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